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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Off-The-Wall Thoughts

Since you don't see them on the wall, they must be off the wall, right?

I've been thinking about the crucifixion, now and then, for a couple years. Ever since I read The Shack and figured I needed to think for myself about a lot of things.

The first thought is connected to something Paul Young said in the book .. that God does not forsake His people, ever. Not even Jesus .. "Poppa" said He knew what Jesus felt on the cross, but He never left Jesus alone there. That had a ring of truth to it, and made me wonder why, with what all Jesus knew about His Father, He would have cried what He did, from the cross. And that's the first off-the-wall thought: He cried that out when the sin itself fell on Him. That's the moment He took it all on. And, filled with every sin that you and I and everyone else ever committed, how could He see, or feel, or sense God's presence?

Wow. It wasn't the "penalty He paid"; it wasn't the "weight of our sin" ... it was the sin itself that overcame Him. He actually became a sinner .. the biggest ever.

No wonder He could not see His Father!

You and I struggle to sense God's presence when we are in the middle of intentional sin, so how unable to see God would Jesus have been, with all that sin all over Him? And, remember, His assumption of that sin was intentional!

Second, it got dark for a few hours. I've always wondered why; I didn't really buy the sermons' and lessons' explanation that God could not bear to look on Him, as He cannot look upon sin. Well, God surely looked upon me and my sorry state as a lost sinner .. and besides, God doesn't need light to see, anyway. I think there was another reason.

There was no one on earth, at the point, worthy to look upon God's Son, there on the cross! It's not that God didn't want to see Jesus .. He didn't want US to see Him in that state.

Maybe that's one reason God said not to make any "graven images" ... carved images .. images of heavenly things, like Jesus on the cross. Those are man-centered attempts to make "physical representations" of what we must accept by faith alone.

Perhaps I'm trying to understand the unknowable, but I have a feeling .. with these thoughts in mind .. that this coming Easter is going to be something pretty special.

Wow again. What a God, and what a Savior!


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