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Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Who I Am

I've never pictured myself as a "Macho Man", which (of course) means that I've always tried to look like one. I'm not sure I was ever successful. But, if there's one thing age is good at doing, it's demolishing any such unreal self-images.

By way of information, My left knee has been replaced, owing to degenerative arthritis. My right knee is now "shot" (that's what the doctor said), along with my shoulders and my right ankle.

There's not a lot I can do about the shoulders, but I do wear a brace on my right knee .. it's called an "Unloader" brace and it keeps the knee properly aligned and prevents any sideways motion. That would further the wear on the knee.

I can walk OK, but not for very long. I think the real icing on that cake was the walking we did on the trip last summer, added to, now, another year of arthritis. SOOO ... I tend to save my walking for times when I really need to walk, like around church, etc. When I go someplace like Wal-Mart or Home Depot, and they have these little electric carts there, I use them.

I usually tell the employee hovering around where the carts are .. I suppose in an attempt to feel better about my lack of macho being so obvious .. that "We guys really have to have it all together to use one of these things, you know..". What I'm really saying is that I'm an old man with some age- and arthritis-related limitations, which are now on display for all to see.

In other words, it's now an obvious part of who I am.

When I used to teach Sunday School, and now when I'm meeting with my Wednesday night small group, I stress the same thing about our lives in general. We're Christians. We should live like it, happy to be who we are.

A couple months ago, I brought the devotional at the monthly Deacon Meeting at church. I started by asking various of the deacons to tell me about their wife, their kids, their job, their home, etc. After a few minutes of that, I asked them how many classes they had to take, to be able to tell me that? How many times did they go out to somebody's house with a "trainer" who'd lead them through an outline of how to explain how they met their wife. Who printed the outline they were trying to follow in explaining that to me.

The answer, of course, is obvious. No program, no outline, no classes; just someone happy to be what they were, for whom it was quite natural to tell me those things.

If it smells a lot like the Primrose Path, that's exactly what it was!

I then told them they should be happy to be followers of Jesus, live like it, and be as happy to be identified with Him as we are to wear a wedding ring identifying us as married. For me, it's wearing Witness Wear or Jesus pins when I'm out in public. For someone else, it could be carrying a Bible, leaving a Bible on one's desk, or handing out tracts. "Jesus" license plate on the front of their car, emblems, bumperstickers, just something to say "I'm a believer".

Hey! Maybe I need to invent the "Jesus ring". Wear it on the ring finger of my other hand.

That's all. I need to go now. Time to Google "Manufacturing Jewelers".


At 4:25 PM, April 24, 2011, Blogger Aussie John said...


Oh,boy! Can I empathize with you!


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