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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This One Was Fun, Too ...

So, as I was saying, I had my appendix out a week ago Tuesday. Well ... maybe I wasn't saying it, but I will.

Oh yes ... that's the part of Shelby Baptist Medical Center I stayed in, over there in the picture; I didn't figure you'd want to see my appendix.

Trust me. You wouldn't.

As part of the litany of tests they inflicted on my body ran on me, when I was in Shelby Baptist Medical Center December 1st-6th .. about which I blogged here, they did a CAT scan of my abdomen. Along with an Echo-Cardiogram and a sonogram of my abdomen. As the prior hospitalization was ostensibly due to a serous infection, I suppose they wanted to know where all it had gone.

They saw several shadows in the abdomen, which seemed to be enlarged lymph nodes, along with a shadow around my appendix. Since a PSA test (0.01) pretty well confirmed the enlargements weren't a recurrence of my prior cancer, they were presumed to be caused by the infection. But that left the appendix thing.

A followup visit to my family doctor to confirm my blood tests were back to normal confirmed just that, but he suggested I have the CAT scan re-run to see about the enlargements. That test, done the next day, confirmed there was some sort of growth on my appendix, which necessitated its removal last Tuesday. Despite the fact that I'm on Plavix, which the Cardiologist said should not be stopped.

Anyway, the surgery went fine.

This visit was fun, too. I talked to a very nice young nurse in the recovery room, about eternal things. I started by asking where she went to church and she said she didn't. We chatted about things a bit and I told her she was certainly worth it .. going to church .. and that was a really important thing to get ironed out while you had the chance. After a little more talk, she finally said "'re going to make me cry.." My hope was that I somehow touched her and awakened a Spiritual desire that will be addressed by someone else God sends across her path.

Then I went to the room on the 3rd floor of the new South Tower .. just one floor under where I was December 1st to 5th, and every bit as magnificent. I was there about 24 hours and I didn't have to witness to my nurse. It was Melissa Vondereau, a good friend from church.

Missy and I go back about 15 years, so this one was a fun time of the "hallelujah" variety.

So, today, I went for the followup visit with the surgeon, Dr. Christopher. He asked how I was doing and I told him that's what I'd come to his office to find out. So he got out the pathology report and told me what it was they'd torn out of my body a week ago. Turns out it was a low-grade mucinous tumor, well confined, with clear margins all around. Not cancer, and not dangerous unless it becomes really huge and bursts, gets, infected, etc.

News as good as it could be!

Funny thing is .. what started this whole mess about a year ago was mild chest pains, with hot flashes, and I still have them. After the stent, after the serious UTI and dehydration, after discovery of, and removal of, the appendix tumor (and appendix itself), I'm back where I started.

Except whatever it was that my appendix did, before, it's not going to be doing, any more.

Although the news was good today, there was no big "sense of relief". I know where it comes from, and it comes from the One who wrote down the number of days of my life, before any of them came to be.

And He's doing just fine!


At 12:49 PM, January 27, 2011, Anonymous ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama said...

GOOD NEWS! for you...
...and for me. Pending only a PET scan the end of February, my tumor was apparently irradiated by the radiation (second time around) I had in December 2010!


At 5:46 PM, February 11, 2011, Blogger foolery said...

So glad you're home, healthy and humorous again (how was THAT for alliteration?).


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