Monday, December 06, 2010


Short Version: Last week, on Wednesday, I developed a severe Urinary Tract Infection. Also, due to some sort of allergy to an antibiotic I'd taken, I threw up everything I drank that day. Upshot: dehydration, but no way to know it, as I never urinated all day.

Peg finally loaded me up and took me to Shelby Baptist Medical Center .. 7 minutes away in Alabaster .. where I spent the night in ER, the next 2 days in ICU, and then was in Intermediate Care until last evening, when I came home.

The dehydration was so severe that they ran four bags of fluids through me before anything came out of the catheter, at all! The ER nurse .. a great ex-paramedic named Jeff Ray, said "You're one SICK puppy", with a glance that let me know that I was lucky as all get-out that Peg had taken me in when she did.

And the infection was so severe, that every test they ran was abnormal. Liver enzymes, a slight touch of pneumonia, and a bunch of others I cannot recall and never could pronounce.

In the end, all the blood cultures came up negative, which meant that (apparently) the UTI was it; it'd just spread all around my considerable body in my bloodstream. And, after 5 days of industrial strength IV antbiotics in two flavors, they sent me home with an 8X10 envelope full of instructions.

Long Version: It was an incredible time of ministry for me, and a wonderful time of affirmation of some of the things I've been teaching for years (gee .. WHO KNEW? ... I was right!) Laying out all that happened will take a separate post, but you can get a glimpse of its essence by reviewing Wade Burleson's post, here.

All I can say simply is that it was an affirmation of his thoughts, as well as what I've been teaching, and has also connected some dots that I'd never seen before.

Peg just read me a line from our last church prayer letter; it says "Please continue to pray for Bob Cleveland and Shelby Hospital.....".

Amen. They did, and it worked.

Stay tuned. More details to follow.


At 2:06 PM, December 13, 2010, Blogger foolery said...

So glad you're better, boB. And is it too soon to say that I think I know WHY special prayers were required FOR THE HOSPITAL? wink wink

You are a favorite of mine and I'm so glad you were taken care of so well, in the nick of time. Stay well!

-- Laurie


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