Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I forget what day it was, but I was outside playing, near our home in Calumet City, IL. A strange dog came into the neighborhood .. there were lots of houses and lots of kids there .. and started chasing kids around. He nipped me on the heel, but I'm not sure he broke the skin. I ran into the house yelling for mom and dad, and dad asked what had happened.

When I told him, he flew down the back stairs,to the basement, grabbed a pair of long welder's gloves he had there, and ran out the back door to find the dog. And, as the article says, he did.

I recall we got into the car and took the dog to the police station, where the police took the dog from us and destroyed it. Its head was sent off for analysis, and it did, indeed, have rabies.

The police told us while we were there, that they'd had several reports of people being bitten by a mad dog, and they thought this was probably it. As it turns out, it was, and we had no idea of the havoc he'd wrought in 2 cities and 2 states.

By way of explanation, Calumet City, IL, and Hammond, IN are one metropolitan area split in two by the State Line, which happened to run down the middle of State Line Avenue. In fact, South of town there'd been a tavern which straddled the line; only half the bar was open on Sundays as Liquor sales were legal on Sunday in Illinois, but not in Indiana.

Or vice versa. I was, like, five at the time.

The article Mom clipped out was from the Chicago Sun-Times, and Mom made a humorous note on the bottom for Dad's benefit. He hadn't been bitten, but the doctors thought he should take the shots anyway, to be safe.

It also made me feel a lot better to go there every morning for one or two weeks (I forget which) and get the shots, which I recall getting in the part of me that faces north when I'm southbound. IF you get my drift here...

Like I say, heroes come in all sorts of configurations. This one was Rescuer and Comforter of a five-year-old kid.

The paper got that part wrong, too.


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