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Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Sacrifices. BIG Difference

Many, many years ago, a friend committed suicide. He sensed ... despite the fact that he was a believer ... no other way out of the mess he'd gotten himself into.

It was debt.

He'd done some gambling with some friends, and ended up owing them a few thousand dollars. After being unable to pay them, over several years, it so ate at him that he killed himself. But he left behind some instructions, for his wife ... now a widow ... as to how she should go about paying off the debt with the proceeds from his life insurance.

One of the first folks that she went to pay, told her "He owed me some money, but you don't owe me anything". Her line, which was really the impetus for this post, was:

"My husband DIED so this debt could be paid, and you ARE going to take this money".

And he did.

There's one similarity with, and one huge difference from, the sacrifice Jesus made on Calvary .. and really, with His entire life, death, and resurrection.

The difference: He didn't owe the debt. You and I? We sure did. But not Jesus.

There's another difference: the folks he owed the money to, didn't need the money. Us? The debt is far more that we could ever pay.

The similarity was that He died to pay off a debt. And, He died with the intention that we "take the money", so to speak. That the benefits payable upon His death, actually be paid out.

And, man oh man, do we ever need it. Because without His sacrifice, we're hopelessly lost, and bankrupt in every account that matters to God.

Seeing that Jesus was God's only Son, that makes me think God really must love us you and me, that He'd sacrifice His own Son.

And He intends for us to take what it was that Jesus came to give, too.

Abundant Life.

Jesus said that, you know. He didn't say "I am come that they might have life, and have it more eternally". Nope, the words He used were "...more abundantly." And, according to my Strong's Concordance, that means "superabundant (in quantity) ... superior (in quality) ... by implication, excessive..". And that sounds just like the sort of life I'd like to have.

Question: when you purchase a gift for someone, do you hope they'll actually want it? That you've actually gotten them something they'd like to have? If so, then maybe you can get a glimpse of how the Lord hopes we'll want an abundant life, with all that means, for which He paid such an incalculable price.

If you're saved, you're not just "barely saved". You're saved to the uttermost. Chas. Spurgeon, Billy Graham, or your pastor are not one bit more saved than you are. And you were saved to live an abundant life.

I think God left us some clues as to how to have one, too. It's called The Bible. Check it out, if you want one, and then be ruthless in ridding your life of anything that interferes with your obedience to God. I think you'll find the result is the abundance that so many believers seem to be missing.

If you're not saved, of course, that's your first problem. You cannot, by yourself, obtain that kind of abundance, no matter how hard you try.

If you are, then maybe it's time to start believing that God really does keep His promises.

He does.



At 9:50 PM, September 01, 2010, Blogger Rick Boyne said...


Absolutely beautiful.



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