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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little Philosophy From The Folks

As in my folks. Mom and Dad.

Peg was sorting and packing some stuff we'd stashed away in an old dresser in our spare bedroom, this morning, and found four different paper napkins that have been in there ever since Mom lived with us; she was packing the stuff away to store in the attic, and brought me the napkins to see.

So, while I guess the thoughts really come from the folks who printed the napkins, Mom did buy them and keep them, so they must have said something meaningful to her. She even kept them through several moves .. perhaps as many as many as seven .. so I'm guessing there are some messages in there for me, too.

Indeed, there are. The napkin at the top says "Welcome to our house". My folks were hospitable people. I recall many evenings when they'd have visitors over, most particularly to play pinochle once a month. And, in fact, one of those visits was indirectly responsible for my getting saved (chasing a rabbit here).

The dining room, where they played Pinochle, shared a wall with our bedroom, and our bedroom door was maybe two feet from the opening into the dining room. So we could hear what was going on, and I recall Dad saying two things out there .. one was "nothing's sure except death and taxes", and the other was a reference to the fact that we all die, sooner or later. That got me to thinking about dying, which scared me, which eventually led to the discussion during which I trusted Christ to "take me to heaven when I die".

It was just that simple. So, I'm glad they were hospitable folks.

Another napkin is just a Thanksgiving-themed napkin. No message, other than Thanksgiving. And that was always a special day at our house .. not for the spiritual aspects, but Mom always made a production out of Thanksgiving Dinner .. I recall exactly ONE Thanksgiving Dinner we ever had elsewhere .. so that was kind of drilled into my genes, apparently. We always celebrate Thanksgiving at home (which is where we live, not where we go), and since Peg was raised that way, there's never any question.

It also ties in to the first napkin, as the past couple of years, Peg's invited other folks, who don't have any local family, to come have dinner with us on Thanksgiving.

One of the napkins is just a collection of Pennsylvania Dutch colloquialisms, which Dad always found amusing. Oh, he never poked fun at them, but he found language interesting, anyway, and Mom got this one when they lived in Pittsburgh, and occasionally ran into some Pennsylvania Dutch folks.

Languages? He took first-year Spanish and second-year Spanish the same year, in High School. Unbelievable as it seems, he got a "B" in Spanish One, and an "A" in Spanish Two. When the teacher told him he couldn't do that, Dad told him "Well, just give me an "A" in both".

The teacher did!

The fourth napkin has four interesting "cute sayings" on it. Interestingly, they evoke memories of certain parts of scripture. For instance:

"A Smile wins Friends, chases Blues, Lightens Work, and costs nothing".

Proverbs 15:13-15, and 17:22, anyone?

"A Handful of Patience is Worth More than a Bushel of Brains".

How about Galatians 5:22? Or James 1:4? Or Isaiah 40:31?

"All the Wealth of the World Could Not buy a Friend." Check Proverbs 18:24, 27:27, 27:6, and I'm sure you can think of some verses, too.

"The smallest Good Deed is better Than the Grandest good intention."

See Matthew 10:42, and also most of the second Chapter of James.

Dad died in March of 1988, and Mom died in July of 1997. But it was nice hearing from them this morning.


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