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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Got a Perfect Bill in the Mail Today....

That's it, in the picture. What makes it perfect, for me, is that they're billing me for $0.00.

I'd love it if the power company, the cable company, the gas company, and a few others would adopt that practice, too.

Nobody's crazy here .. the bill is for my Cardio Rehab, and it's being paid by Medicare (thanks, all you taxpayers), plus the supplemental coverage Peg and I carry. So, I don't owe any of the bill, myself. The part that amuses me is that they included an envelope, presumably for me to send them a check for Zero dollars and Zero cents. I guess that would be like giving a blank CD to a Mime, right?

Anyway, this got me to thinking .. it's the same bill I got from Jesus, for my salvation. I put my faith .. my trust .. in Him, to save me, when I was a little kid, And He did, and the bill I got for my salvation was for Zero Dollars and Zero Cents.

The actual cost of the Cardio Rehab was considerable, but somebody else paid it for me. And the actual cost for my salvation was infinitely more considerable, but Somebody paid that bill for me, too.


Every morning, I wake up with a new bill from Him. It's for Jesus, and it's for Zero Dollars and Zero Cents. But there's this envelope there, for me to send Him my payment, regardless. So, what is it? To explain, let's look again at hospital deal.

See, Medicare paid for my rehab services, but I had to go and do what they said. And I did. I pushed and pushed, and in fact have previously blogged about the results of my obeying the instructions of the folks at the rehab center, here. If I'd gone there and goofed off (which I don't think they'd have let me get away with..), or otherwise avoided actually doing what they'd suggested I do, I'd be a whole lot worse off now, than I actually am. So .. I literally thank God that I had the determination to do what I was supposed to do as a cardiac patient in need of rehab.

My resting heart rate is down in the 50's & 60's, I've had to cut my BP meds in half since my BP had gotten so much better, and I have energy like I haven't had for some time. At least I do when I reduced the BP meds and got the pressure back up to 110/65 or so.

On the other hand, the bill from Jesus has to do with how I live my life. The course He has prescribed for me is designed to produce an abundant life, and just as I desire to be in better shape, have lower BP, etc, I desire to have an abundant life, too.

I don't have to have one. But I do want one. So I do the exercises my Heavenly Therapist has prescribed for me. See .. the great part about it is that, while no matter how well I do my cardio rehab, I'm going to die some day. Guaranteed. But with the abundant life, that's never going to end.

So why wouldn't I want to get started on that one, right now?

Thanks, Jesus. My payment, on the bill I don't owe, the one you already paid for me, is in the mail every day. Thanks for giving me that choice.


At 2:54 AM, August 21, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Mighty. It spoke to me, I was trying to figure out salvation and here it is ...just given as a gift. Am glad you stuck out thru the rehab, I had one year of physio and am realizing that I got to stick with things,especially cos it all came free too. My phsyiotherapists knew that what caused me some pain, would in the long run help me loosen out and regain that which I had lost. And so it is with His gift. Will continue to stay-Holding on. Thanks for posting. Your blog makes me think and realize a lot more things than I would have thought to realize. Izzy


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