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Friday, July 16, 2010

Refinishing Furniture and Dealing with Stuff

The Great Alaska and Pacific Northwest Adventure being over last week, we returned home to all the stuff that was going on before we left June 24th. That includes the refinishing project on the chest-of-drawers, disassembled and displayed in the photo over there.

Hold that thought for a minute.

When we came back from the Tour, we were thoroughly whipped. It was great fun, but we were on the go almost constantly, and while Peg has a pretty active life taking care of the house and all .. not to mention taking care me me, too, I don't. I've pretty much been a couch potato since my prostate surgery and subsequent abdominal radiation, which ended about 18 months ago, and coupled with the meds I've been on since then.

Including those dealing with arthritis. As in degenerative arthritis. It already got my left knee, which I had to have replaced 4 years ago .. exactly 2 months before my debut at the Greensboro as an SBC loudmouth .. and has my right knee in bad shape, now. Also my right ankle, and both my shoulders, not to mention the back of my neck, where it all started 20+ years ago.

That spot gives me headaches.

Well, lately, the shoulder pain has begun causing problems beyond just pain. My doctor prescribed Loritab for the pain, which I take when I go to bed, and when it wears off in 6 hours, the pain in my shoulders wakes me up. Even if I'm lying flat on my back.

SO, all in all, while the Great Alaska and Pacific NW Tour was wonderful and I wouldn't take anything for the experience (or the 4,890 pictures I took while gone .. no, seriously .. 4,890), I was in quite a bit of pain while on the trip. And, when I got back home.

Side note: head over to Facebook and check my photos, if you'd like. I'm posting maybe 10-15% of them there, and they're visible to anybody.

Anyway, I called my doctor when we got home, he got me in Monday morning at 8. He said that I should stop the stair-climbing portion of my cardio exercises, which I told the rehab folks at my 3 p.m. session. And I did, doing 48 mins total on two other apparati. One of them was a crank-deal and when that caused my shoulders to flare up, I got an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon who did my knee. Wednesday at 4:15. So I called and cancelled the cardio session and went to see him. He said no more cranking unless it was waist level or below.

We discussed what to do with the knee, and also that there wasn't really a practical replacement, for an old guy like me, for the shoulders. But perhaps some shots would help. SO .. I got three shots in the left shoulder .. one for the Rotator Cuff, one to deaden the shoulder, and one deep one (cortisone, I think).

I also got a shot in my right knee, a "lubricant" (it's bone-on-bone now) and will go back next week for the three shots in the right shoulder, and the second of a series of three of those lubricant shots in the right knee.

Then, Thursday, when I went to try the cardio, 3 minutes on the easy recumbent let me know my shoulders were going to suffer so I told them no more, and I went home.

I feel much better, today. And it occurred to me that the reason is that I'm dealing with the stuff. And that got me to thinking about salvation, itself. And also about refinishing the chest-of-drawers.

For one thing, decisions must be made. We have to decide .. under conviction of the Holy Spirit .. that we want to believe Jesus, trust Him with our salvation, and really forsake our sinful reliance on self, and service of our desires. That's painful .. at least, within my experience.

I had to decide to take those shots, and let me tell you, the one in the knee was really painful. But it was necessary.

In refinishing the chest, the Ace Extra-Strength Paint Stripper I'm using is some serious stuff. Get any of it anywhere on your body, and suffering will follow. As in "run for the bucket of cold water and the paper towels .. now!! But that's what it's going to take to take all that old finish off a chest that Peg used when she was a kid, and is likely older than she is.

Having started the project, I am now obligated to see it through. That's the only thing Peg has asked me for, recently, and I cannot not finish it.

Having started the cardio rehab .. which I blogged about a few days back .. I'm going to have to see it through. I can see the positive effects from it, and I'm not about to let go.

Having started the chest, I can see how much better it's looking .. the positive effects .. and I'm not about to let it go.

Having trusted my life to Jesus, many years ago, I cannot quit that project, either. Even though it required a rather painful stripping-away of some stuff in my life, it was necessary to make me the new creation He promised. And, I can see the positive effects from it, and I'm not about to let it go.

Each of the three things is taking work .. it's involving pain at times .. some of what's required is strong stuff, maybe even dangerous. But I can do no other.

I can see the results.


At 12:14 AM, July 17, 2010, Anonymous Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

So so SO glad you are feeling better.

And yes...a relationship with Christ is like that old chest. I'm still working towards mending my "chest" before I can refinish it. :-)

At 3:31 PM, July 18, 2010, Blogger Aussie John said...


I do like your analogy,but also empathize with you as I have had to deal with much the same for the last 25 years, chronic osteo-arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Some days immobility is the only response.

You did well to do the journey you recently completed.

Trouble is, as you would no doubt affirm, the mind still thinks it is much younger and fitter than the body:)

At 3:40 PM, July 18, 2010, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...


WOW .. I didn't know .. that spondylitis is some seriously bad stuff.

Yes, I find my mind (and my mouth) often writing checks my body can't cash. Nearly happened on the trip....

Auds, thanks. As re the chest, let Jesus clean it up. Get Him to work on it first,


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