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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Moment. Courtesy of God.

Riding the bus from East Wenatchee, WA,to Grand Coulee Dam ... which really was grand, by the way ... we stopped at a place called the "Dry Falls". According to the geologists, it was a remnant of a hummongous flood which happened thousands of years ago, and the area at which we stopped had actually been a waterfall site, on the order of twice the size of Niagara Falls. I'll put up some photos, staggeringly beautiful, on Facebook when we get home. But that's not what The Moment was about.

I'd asked a lady to take a picture of Peg and me, where we could stand in front of the scenic wonder, so we could see a bit of us and the falls area. So, she said "Sure", and snapped the picture there at the right, above.

But, as she handed the camera back to me, and I thanked her, she teared up and said .. in a somewhat choked-up voice .. "Could I have a huggy?" She then added "I lost my husband....", and then, pointing at my name badge, she said "I had a Bob, too".

She got her hug.

Now, Peg and I had been discussing the frustrating nature of trying to capture the grandeur .. the overwhelming beauty and glory of what God has created .. on film. And we'd decided that we really couldn't, but what we could do was to make for ourselves some little prompts ... like the pictures .. that would help us go back and experience the amazement and wonder and awe that we felt while we were looking at the real thing, when we looked at the photos. And I said to the lady ... a Mrs. Bodnar .. I don't recall her first name .. that such was true with her Bob, too. That she could look at what she did still have, and use that to recapture a bit of the love and the wonderment of her 48 years with "her Bob".

We had us a moment, folks. And perhaps now I will he able to go back and capture some of that wonder, and amazement, of how God arranges these moments in our lives, when I look at the photo that I subsequently took, of my Peg and a wonderful widow by the name of Mrs. Bodnar.

Thanks again, God, and thank you too, Mrs. Bodnar.


At 2:59 PM, July 04, 2010, Blogger Aussie John said...


Appreciated this little story!

That's the Sovereign Ruler I know!


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