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Monday, May 17, 2010

Maybe The Church Needs Rehab...

I took this picture this morning, after I'd finished my rehab session. My Cardiac Doctor .. the one who did the angiogram, angioplasty, and stent, arranged for me to try to survive take 36 torture rehab sessions at the center in the picture, spread over 12 weeks. This is my 4th week, and I'm up to 8 minutes each on a hand-crank thingie, steps (up & down 2 steps), and an elliptical machine .. kind of like a recumbent bike (twice on that one, for 16 minutes total).

Now those exercises don't require a lot of deep thought, so my mind wandered & pondered while I was exercising. What I noticed most was that there were about 8 of us there, and all of us where doing what we were supposed to be doing. Treadmills, ellipticals, hand-cranks, steps, everyone was about his assigned task. And the therapist ladies .. 4 total .. were all behind the desk there, tending to their paperwork. They weren't even paying attention to us (so it seemed to me)

Well, that'd be OK, I guess. We hadn't gone there so we could not do what were supposed to.

They measure us, take BP readings, oxygen saturation readings, and pulse rate, first thing when we get there. They want to know how we are/were "out there" before we arrive. Then, after we've done the exercises, we sit down and they come (after a few minutes) and measure those things again. Like the 2 guys sitting in the photo above.

They want to know how we were "in here", as a result of what they had us doing .. after our exercises .. and they keep track of it all, too.

I chatted with the young lady kneeling on the chair in the photo, after I was finished. I asked her if everybody who was assigned to them actually came, and she said no. She said that some folks just don't want to get started, and they have to coax them to begin; convince them that they will profit from doing what they .. the patients .. have been assigned to do. She said that they have had people come in walking with a walker, and leave 12 weeks later, walking normally and without assistance.

Some never start, so they do take them off the roll. They're disappointed when they have to do that, but for the vast majority who do come and do exercise, do follow instructions, they feel very rewarded when the patients complete their roles and show improvement.

You should have seen her face when she told me about the folks who come with walkers, and leave without.

Then I got to thinking about how our churches .. the ones with whom I am familiar .. operate. How our "members" attend .. or don't. How our leaders can .. or can't .. rest easy and tend to other things, secure in the knowledge we're out there "doing our exercises".

The mind boggles.

I go on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They increase the time at each exercise by a minute a week, so I was really dreading going there this morning. I knew they'd bump me up to 8 minutes walking up and down those steps, which gets to be real torture. Well .. guess what .. 8 minutes was easier, this morning, than 7 minutes was, last Thursday.

I repeat .. the mind boggles ..


At 10:42 AM, May 19, 2010, Anonymous Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

Maybe this is why I still haven't gone back to church...I'm not sure.

And I'd like to add that elliptical machines are pure evil...oh yes they are! Says the lady who is working her way through the Biggest Loser casting process and will probably end up being beaten to death by Jillian Michaels whilst on an elliptical!

At 7:12 PM, May 26, 2010, Blogger Christiane said...


You say 'Maybe the Church needs rehab'
and I thought,

'Bob, the Church IS REHAB' :)


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