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Monday, April 12, 2010

Minor Modification to the Bolens Saga

It appears I didn't have the right man, after all.

I got tired of waiting for Jack to call me back, so I went to the store involved, Saturday. I spoke with the manager of that department. He called Jack and found out that the bagger had, indeed, NOT been ordered. What he was told was that Jack was going to call and make sure the unit was still available (he said it was, when I talked to him the first time), find out what the price was, and then call me and ask what I wanted to do about it.


Turns out the unit for the smaller mower was about $140 MORE than the unit for the bigger mower. Now, when I bought it, I just told them I wanted that mower and the bagger that went with it, and as far as I'm concerned, that's what I bought. I told the department manager I had NO intentions of paying $140 more, when I could have bought a bigger mower, and bagger, for only $100 more than what I'd paid!

The manager said it cost more because it was a "special order item", rather than what they bought in larger numbers; why on earth a bagger would be "special order" for a mower they had numbers of, sitting out front, is a real mystery to me.

I told him I was bringing the whole deal back and wanted a refund. I also told him it would be a few days, as I was still limited as to what I can do, in light of the Cardiac Catheterization, and subsequent stent implant, last Tuesday. I said it would take a few days.

Not being content to make it that simple, I did go the store's national website, and register a complaint with Customer Service. I linked to the original blog entry, and also told them of the latest dust-up.

So. Now. One of three things happens.

  • They make it right and give me the bagger and not charge me more money.
  • They bring me a suitable alternative mower with bagger, for no more money.
  • I take the mower back and get a credit on my Visa card.

In the last case, I buy a mower somewhere else, and that store chain loses a customer for life.

Meanwhile, on the Spiritual side, another week has gone by, and I'm more convinced than ever that I do have the Right Man taking care of that.

Thank God.

No. Seriously. Thanks, God.


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