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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nothing in This Life is Perfect

Peg bought me a cup some months ago, just because she saw it in the Gift Shop at Shocco, and she liked what it said. Here it is:

When she brought it home, she came into the den .. that's where my computer is, so goodness, she knows that's where I'll be .. and gave it to me. She said she'd bought it because she wanted to remind me of what it said ... "Bless your heart for the happiness you put in mine".

It would probably have been more touching if she hadn't been laughing when she gave it to me.

That sort of thing does cause one to wonder, so I asked her what was so funny. She said I'd find out soon enough. So I thanked her and read the inscription, which was quite moving.

Then I turned it around.

Peg went on to explain that she'd only looked at one side of the cup before she checked out. As she was carrying it in, she glanced at the reverse side. Namely, at this:

I don't think I need to mention that (a) it says "Daughter", (b) we have only the two sons and no daughters, and (c) if we DID have a daughter, I doubt it'd be ME.

Isn't that life? We're surrounded by a lot of good stuff. But none of it is perfect. So we're constantly putting up with some bad, mixed in with hopefully predominant good.

Same for people. For bloggers. For commenters. For seminary professors and preachers and institution heads. Presidents. Folks in the pews. Not to mention ME. And YOU.

So next time we run across something somebody says, that we don't like, let's try to think of all those times we've said something somebody else didn't like, and also recall that they were as right in not liking what we said, as we may be in disliking what they said.

We're all a mixture of good (God's image, remember?) and bad (sin .. no need to remind you of THAT).

After all, the only thing perfect about me is the righteousness Jesus wrapped me in when I put my faith in Him to save me. And that righteousness .. that perfection .. is only visible to God, when He sees me through what Jesus clad me in. And when it comes to opinions, God's is the only one I'm really concerned about.

I heard years ago .. when I was in charge of the monthly program for an Insurance Association in Indianapolis .. that a good way to have a bad meeting is to get a speaker in who thinks you're all swell. If you want a good meeting, get some guy in that doesn't like the way you do things. Out of such gatherings, you'll frequently see some creative thought flow. Hence, I thank God for disagreement and the like.

So .. anyway .. the cup is big, it keeps coffee hot, and it reminds me my wife loves me, despite our imperfections.

Hey. Maybe is is perfect, after all.

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