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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Unity. And The No Plaid Cookie

This is a cookie, but not the kind you usually think of finding on your computer. It says, in the common "sign" language, "No Plaid". Since some people might wonder about that, let me explain.

We have this group that meets on Wednesday nights at church. We started in July 2008, reviewing Ken Hemphill's course entitled "Serving God". When that 8 weeks was up, we moved to the Baptist Faith & Message, then read through Romans, and that brought us clear up to week-before-last.

We chase a lot of rabbits in there.

The group is a little like the 100-year old hammer .. which had had 4 new heads and 5 new handles, but it was still the same hammer. There have been a number of folks in and out, but several have been in for the duration. Among them is a young mom named Lauren.

Lauren is quite intense, has a lot of zeal for God and His Word, and is a real challenge to teach. But she's a real pleasure to have in the class, as she's most respectful, and when I thanked her for that one evening, she said "Why wouldn't I .. you're my elder."

Anyway, a couple weeks ago she asked what my favorite color was. I said "Plaid". When I got home, it occurred to me she might have been serious, so I emailed her and said plaid wasn't a color; I liked red. So last night, she shows up and gives Peggy and me, each, a cookie like in the photo. We all laughed about it, and we told her thanks.

Incidentally, they were delicious.

One of the guys in the group is named Ken, and he's not at all a fan of what's referred to as "Calvinism". And that's fine with me .. I don't teach it, but when we stumble onto a verse that the Calvinists point to in defending their approach, I'll normally tell the class that (which I also to for Arminians, Dispensationalists, Semi-Pelagians, etc). But what I do do is to ask them a lot of questions about such verses. Like Ken has said, my purpose seems to be to challenge them.

I like that.

Last night we were reading in 1 Corinthians, chapter One, and spent not a little time on the verse concerning God's mentioning He has apparently called some. Ken's belief is that He calls everyone, whereas mine is that He chooses those whom He calls. Nobody changed their minds, but everyone was challenged to defend their beliefs. This is healthy, to me, particularly in a denomination where so many seem not to know much more of what they believe, than what steps they took when they were saved.

And Lauren and I had huge fun kicking around Romans 8:26-27.

Brought all this up to say that, in the end, we rejoiced that we could discuss, defend, sharpen, and just generally fellowship in the Word, and without any hint of disunity or division. And that's important, seeing that we'd just read the earlier verses in 1 Corinthians in which Paul admonished the church, telling them there ought not to be any divisions among them.

I think Paul would approve, and he'd sure be welcome if He'd like to drop in some Wednesday evening at 6:30. Maybe he could clear up 1:24 for us.


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