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Thursday, December 17, 2009

One Of Our Better Retirement Investments

You may wonder why we have this Circuit City Shopping Cart sitting in the hallway. Actually, it's only because we'd just unloaded it.

Down that hall is our bedroom, from which you can enter via the porch from the upper driveway. And, behind me is the kitchen. So, we bought this little jewel .. brand new, by the way .. from the local Circuit City Store at their Going-Out-Of-Business Sale to save innumerable trips on arthritic legs, carrying bags of groceries in from the car. It's on the order of 75' from the car, that way, and a lot better than carrying armloads of stuff up 14 steps if we come in through the garage or front door.

Besides, our retirement accounts are paying hardly any interest, while this one hands us a sizable dividend at least once a week.

Funny thing: it sits on the back porch when not in use. Lots of people have visited here, but nobody's ever asked about the shopping cart. Bet they were talking about it in the car on the way home, though......



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