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Friday, December 18, 2009

NAMB, I Think You Owe An Apology... my Granddaughter Meredith. That's her, there, as we were talking to her this morning via Skype.

She's in Nairobi, Kenya.

In a recent letter, NAMB put out a "Call to Urgent Prayer for SBC", to be passed on to our "church, friends and family" to a "Day of Fasting, Prayer, and Repentance" .. attributable to the statement that "Southern Baptists - corporately and individually" have "forgotten our first love".

I don't think so. Meredith, and her friend Liv .. also from FBC Pelham, and the daughter of our Worship Leader .. are in Africa on a Mission. Today they played with children in an orphanage near Nairobi, and next they're traveling to a smaller city where they will spend a week, with a Pastor there, working with young kids who live on the streets.

They're going on their own, working with a pastor there that our Worship Leader and family have worked with for years. Neither that, nor Meredith & Liv's presence in Africa as I write this, is evidence of their leaving anything except maybe the comforts of home and the presence of their family at Christmas.

Certainly not leaving their first love.

NAMB: I think you owe an apology to FBC Pelham, too. And to a lot of other fine, Gospel-centered, Christ-preaching, Missionary-sending churches. I don't have space enough here to list all the ones I know, personally.

I admit we all need to be still and know that He is God. But when we do know that, maybe it's time to start making some noise playing with kids, or handing out fresh water, or praising the God who will so touch a couple of kids' hearts, in Alabama, that they'll want to give up Christmas with their families so they can minister to some kids over 7000 miles away.

If the leadership of NAMB has messed up .. but I suspect it's not about that, since you're putting this out worldwide .. then DO something about it. Ask us to pray for that. Should we pray for the NAMB? Certainly! Should we pray, worldwide, for our missionary efforts? Definitely! Should we pray for the Spiritual fervor of our churches, wherever they are? Most assuredly! But don't ask all the fine, hard-working, dedicated and consecrated Saints of God who are getting it right, to put on somebody else's sackcloth and ashes and have a solemn assembly.

Looking at my granddaughter, I'll be confessing how wonderful Jesus is, and how incredibly beyond description God is. After all, I've seen a glimpse of that.

Today. Via Skype.


Want a little more evidence? Check the next picture, of my granddaughter's hand, and the hand of one of her little friends named Daniel... uploaded to Facebook from Nairobi. She also emailed us and, among other things, said "Once we finally got here today we hit the ground running and met with the street boys. We were able to give them hats, candy, feed them, and leave some balls and frisbees with them. Liv shared the Gospel and 10 of them accepted Christ!

"Hit the ground running...."? Well I guess so!


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