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Friday, July 03, 2009

How Beautiful .... Indeed.

Have a good look at the photo; you might even want to click on it and see it full-sized. It has to be one of the most beautiful sights in "nature" I've ever seen.

The setting is the North Coast of Jamaica, in the Parish of St. Mary. The town of Port Maria is at the extreme right of the photo in the bay you can see; that was the closest town to the house we'd rented for 8 days in 2003. The first morning we were there, I rose to this sunrise and I captured the picture you see above. But the beauty you see isn't the most beautiful part of the days we spent there.

Peg's birthday is March 20th, and our anniversary is one week before that, March 13th (we were married on Friday the 13th, thankyouverymuch...). When Peg first came down with breast cancer, we decided we'd do something special to celebrate her birthday and our anniversary each year, and the year before we'd bypassed motels and had rented a house in Kingston, Jamaica, and had a great time. So, this year, we found a house on the North coast, and that's where we were when I snapped this picture.

Incidentally, the houses were both huge, and cost us less than we'd paid for motels in the previous years.

This year, we'd invited two couples from church to spend the week with us. We told them if they'd get there, we already had the place rented so they could stay free. Our friends Neal and Debbie Blackwelder had been with us two years before, and this week, Larry and Cynthia Smith joined us and the Blackwelders. Our week there was as good a demonstration of how the body of Christ is supposed to get along, as I can imagine.

It was a beautiful week in more ways than one. We had the view you see above, from the front windows of the house in Port Maria. It was perhaps 200 yards down the road from Firefly, the home of playwright Noel Coward; he had described the scenery above as the most beautiful place on earth.

I cannot disagree.

The picture above was taken about 6 a.m., and accurately shows just how beautiful the sunrises were, there. Sunsets were just as beautiful, too, as red, orange, and yellow clouds reflected the fiery sunsets behind us.

We could easily see why Noel Coward said what he did.

But that wasn't the most beautiful part. That honor was reserved for the beauty of the Body of Christ, as it lived there among us. We traveled about a little, including the 75 miles to Kingston, to Red Hills Baptist Church on Sunday morning. And among our travels, we went to the Pizza Hut in New Kingston, the Chelsea Jerk Centre in the Chelsea area of Kingston, the Ruins Restaurant in Ocho Rios, and other places which escape my memory. We also went to the little Jamaican Supermarket in Port Maria, and ate "Patties" at a little grille in town.

When the check came, or the clerks rang up the bills, it was almost as if nobody wanted anyone else to pay. That brought a couple verses, from Acts 2 (NIV), to mind:

"All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need."

And if that's a little taste of heaven, then heaven's the sweeter for it.

How beautiful?

Beautiful indeed.


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