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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Best $10.15............

....sandwich you'll ever eat.

We're in Indianapolis, as I write this, having just spent the day celebrating Peg's youngest sister's 60th Birthday. (Pardon me a moment ... I just realized what I wrote ... Peg's youngest sister ... 60 years old ... she was ten when we got married .... UGH....).

OK. I'm better now.

Anyway, when we left the fam late this afternoon, Peg suggested we might stop for a bite of dinner on the way to the hotel, and mentioned Shapiro's Delicatessen on the South side of Indianapolis. I'd mentioned eating there while we were here this week and we were in the neighborhood, so we stopped in.

You're looking at half the sandwich, the other half hiding behind the pickles. Corned beef on Jewish rye, with their special mustard. And a couple slices of Swiss.

Oh yes ... the coconut cream pie was pretty good too. Real egg-white meringue.

While we're in town ... a trip we decided on about two weeks ago ... yes, it IS nice being retired ... I'm going to visit one of my old mentors, Gene Bertolet. He's also retired, but still acts as part-time graphic artist for the MFMI (Men For Missions International) publications, including their ACTION Magazine.

We'll be going to church tomorrow morning with John, my nephew, at Lakeview Assembly of God. And, come Monday, we'll visit with Dr. Sheri Klouda and her husband Pinky, in Upland.

I noticed on the way to the hotel this evening, that our trip's cumulative gas mileage in the Prius is up to 49.2.

Hmm .... maybe we've saved enough for another $10.15 sandwich.......


At 2:49 PM, July 26, 2009, Blogger Aussie John said...


Now that's what I call a SANDWICH!!

At 6:24 AM, August 03, 2009, Anonymous Gabe said...

I have never seen a CB sandwich like that...not ever! The pie looks great too! Making me hungry!


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