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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Simple Majesty

We had a visitor in our neighbor's yard a few minutes ago:

Peg alerted me so I grabbed my camera and snapped some photos. Then I downloaded them to my computer and had a look at this one. I was immediately struck by the simple majesty of God's creation. It was just as it came into the world ... no theology ... no discussions ... no disputes ... no political correctness. It was simply what God had made, the way God had made it, and it was glorious.

That got me to thinking of a couple other creations God made. One was the earth:

We all know how beautiful it is, despite man's best efforts to foul the landscape, the air, and the water. But if you think it's messed up, fly over the Grand Canyon, at 5,000 feet, on some sunny day. Or get up at 5:30 a.m. in Puerto Jimenez and watch the sun rise over the Costa Rican mountains. Or even stand at the overlook on Red Hills Road in Kingston, Jamaica, and see how a city .... even the world's murder capital ... can be beautiful when bathed in moonlight.

One really strange thing is that the world was made for man:

Man wasn't made for the world. Yet the messes we see on earth, which hide the beauty of what God made, come mostly from man. One can only imagine how beautiful Adam and Eve must have been when God first created them. I know a lot of beautiful people here on earth, but the thought that mankind has messed up a lot of the beauty, via our sin, makes me wonder just how beautiful man must be when the results of sin, in our earthly bodies, are gone.

God is pretty plain that His crowning creation was man. Perhaps it is, that only in heaven, sin but a memory, will we see the extent of, and the real beauty of, men and women.

The majesty of God's creation: if we can see it in a bird, how much more will we see it in man?

ps: We can get a hint of it by seeing how much more beauty we see in people as God applies the Word to their lives and their beings, and causes them to look more and more like the WORD Who became flesh.


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I love hawks.



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