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Monday, December 01, 2008

Just a Rehearsal for Sunday Heaven

In a previous post, I related the story of how the three outstanding Worship Leaders ended up having church with me & the Stepanov family in that apartment in Pskov. That happened on the last night of the trip to Russia, and whereas the rest of the FBC & LWC folks got on a plane and came back home, I drove back to Bauska, Latvia, with Aivars Berinski. That was on Saturday morning, and we had a terrific time of fellowship on the way .. both ways, in fact.

I even saw, and filmed, some actual storks in their nests atop power poles. I don't recall ever having seen any of them before, I suppose because I wasn't in the delivery room when our sons were born.

Since Friday had been Aivars' birthday, his choir/praise team had a party for him, in Aivars' & Nadia's apartment, Saturday night. I went along and they had an impromptu run-through of the music for the next day. I filmed a bit of it, and there was a "spine-tingling moment" about 45 seconds into the song, which I thought I'd show you.

What happened was, they started singing this praise chorus, and it was just, you know, singing. Quite lackluster. You can see that on their faces. But then, after 45 seconds or so, I panned the camera to the right, and you'll see a guy in a maroon shirt .. Normund Burmistrovs .. tap a guy next to him on the arm. In that instant, something changed in the room. It felt to me as if the Holy Spirit shifted gears .. it became more than singing, and turned into praise. I know it raised goose bumps all oooooover my booooooody, right then.

Check it out:

I'd gone to Bauska on a Friday, the 16th, and stayed a few days with the Stikuts. The night I arrived, they met to rehearse, at the church. Went along and took my camera with me, and am I glad I did. There are three little videos I'd like to show you. The first is rehearsal of one of the choruses, but rather than just play & repeat, Aivars will occasionally just play the chords and the rhythm, and let the singers just "sing a new song" .. just sing praises, worship, etc. I cannot describe the feeling present at those times.

The first session shows some of the singing interspersed with the times of worship. I think you can hear me in the background a couple times .. I had to hold the camera, but I just cound't keep still. So .. check it out:

The next one is mostly just "singing unto the Lord" .. and it blew me away, too.

You may have noticed, toward the left side in the prior 2 videos, a young lady in white slacks and a black coat. Her name is Karina Krasnova (now Burmistrovs; she subsequently married the guy in the maroon shirt from the first video), and you can tell she's really into worship. This time, while they were singing the song, not the impromptu stuff, she got on her knees to worship. I rarely see this much church, at church, and this was just a rehearsal! Check it out:

I'll put up a post about folks with whom I built those treasures of relationship, but I thought you might enjoy seeing these somewhat different "practice sessions".

For Heaven.

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At 1:11 PM, December 01, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Authentic. Glory to God!

At 5:23 AM, December 02, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Utterly, B..E..A..utiful. Put this together with the Christmas at FBC video and you've got something. Way to go SturdyBirdy.

At 11:47 AM, December 05, 2008, Anonymous Jerald said...

All I can say is WOW! What a beautiful thing to witness. It is heaven, isn't it?


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