Monday, December 22, 2008


If I hadn't lived in Muncie some years back, I'd have thought there was a major upheaval going on in the Roman Catholic Church. I mean, I used to be a Presbyterian .. 3 different varieties, actually .. and I really couldn't see them adopting the Catholic hierarchy in their denominations.

Any of them.

So, it was an eye - opener for sure, when I read this spot on Indianapolis' Channel 13 website this morning.

"Cardinals" rang a bell, because we used to live in Muncie, Indiana .. from 1971-1975 .. immediately before moving to Birmingham. Thus I knew that "Cardinals" was the nickname of the sports teams of Ball State University in Muncie.

It took a bit of poking around [HT Google] to find it, but "Presbyterian" is simply Presbyterian College located in Clinton, SC.

And I have no idea where their teams got their nickname.

On second thought .. I've always heard of the College of Cardinals; this is the first time I've heard of the Cardinals of College whuppin' up on the Presbyterians, though.




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