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The term "Double-hung" usually refers to windows, not siding. So, what's up with double-hung siding?

Simple. If you look at the photo, you'll see two guys hanging some siding on the house. What you can't see is that they'd just torn all that siding off the house.! See, the house was complete, but the contractor .. and the man working with him .. didn't like the looks of that section. It had gotten out of plumb, and by the time they got to the front of that wall, it was obviously out of square. So they decided it had to come down, and be put back up, plumb, square, and lookin' just right.

When I walked out this morning to watch them work, Keith .. the guy up top .. laughed and said "double-hung siding..". That's obviously a non-entity in construction.

I also point out that the siding went over the existing rough-sawn cedar, and you could see the bottom of the cedar at the bottom of the vinyl. So ... they wrapped the bottom of the cedar in brown aluminum so it'd match the rest of the trim on the house, and they even wrapped the bottom of the chimney chase, which is all of 6 inches off the ground! There's no way anyone will ever see that!

They just wanted to do it right. Even when nobody'd ever see it.

What really struck me was the zeal for making things right, and look right, shown by the men working for the contractor. They weren't trying to please him; they were assuming I wanted the very best it could be, and I'm the guy they were aiming to make happy.

Or maybe they just knew how good it could look, and they weren't going to stop until they were happy with it.

Either way would be ok, with me.

I wonder, in my own Spiritual life, if I'm as zealous to do things right. To make sure everything is as plumb and square and fitting as can be. I wonder who I'm trying to please. The people I'm teaching to, or the One I'm teaching for.

I wonder if I really understand how beautiful if can be, and refuse to settle for anything less in what I do.

I wonder if I'm as zealous as I should be to track how the walls are lining up, and go back and re-do things where I see it's gotten out of plumb. To admit I went off-kilter somewhere, and correct things to get back on track.

And I wonder if I'm as careful to do things right, when nobody will notice. When nobody will see.

I wonder.

That's certainly my desire. At my age, and with a disease that daily reminds me that every morning I wake up represents one less day until my last one, I'm understanding more than ever, the eternal consequences of what I do. I suppose that reality, coupled with the desire to get it right, is one of the more comforting things, in my mind. Without a real, live Holy Spirit, living in me, I can't imagine I'd care that much.....

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At 8:44 PM, November 02, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post Bob! Thanks for reminding us in such powerful down to earth ways what is important. Praying for your health? How about an update for us?


At 7:18 AM, November 03, 2008, Anonymous annie said...

I got a picture from a friend years ago that says, "character... who you are when no one is watching."
I know God is always watching. I think I forget that sometimes though. Sad.


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