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Friday, November 28, 2008

CB. Me. Wade B.

Seems like a logical place, I guess. Between CB & Wade. I figured it was time I spoke up, since someone has said I was strongly supporting CB. That popped up on, specifically as follows:

"Scott has talked in similar language to Wade Burleson and Wade's defender Deb Kauffmann. As I read his blog, he seems to be strongly supported by Bob Cleveland an influential member of former Bama SBC prez Buddy Gray's Hunter Street Church."

Hey ... being half right is pretty good I guess, just from no more than I've seen in SBC life. I'm referring to three specific things in that quote:

A) ". .. influential..." Uhhh ... don't know about that. Maybe. Probably with my SS class, anyway, but maybe not with the 2,375 members of our church who DON'T come to my class. Give him 50%.

B) ". .. member of former SBC prez Buddy Gray's Hunter Street Church". I can think of several pastors who'll be real surprised to hear that .. Mike Shaw, FBC Pelham, who thinks I still go there (I mean .. he DOES let me teach there and all..), Buddy Gray, who agrees with Mike Shaw, and CB, who'd be interested how I knew so many folks at FBC when I showed him around a couple years ago. He gets 0% on that.

C) ". .. strongly supported ...". CB's a good friend. Put any label on that you want, but score it 100%.

I'll even give you a little clue as to what I see as one driving force with him and kids. We were having breakfast the other day .. Cracker Barrel if it makes a difference .. and we were sitting at the divider between the section closest to the cash register, and the smoking section on the other side. I had my back to the aisle to the cash register; a little kid went toddling behind me, to the store section where the cash register was. CB looked instantly like a hunting dog locked onto a target. He followed that kid out with his eyes and immediately said "look at the kid .. where's the mother?" He then said something like "Don't they know it only takes (snapping fingers) THAT long for a kid to be kidnapped?"

The mom followed perhaps 15-20 seconds later, and took the kid back to where she'd been sitting. Then she went to pay the bill, and CB remarked "There she goes .. and the kid's sitting over there crying".

I'm sorry, folks, but none of you have anything to tell me about CB and kids. I've read the book on the man.

And about a lot of other things, too. I don't have a better friend, outside my own family, than CB Scott. And nobody needs a better one than he is, to me.

We've had lunch or breakfast or supper a lot. A LOT. And gone places. And done stuff.

I've read the book.

I count Wade a good friend, too. If he's less so than CB is, it's only because he's in Oklahoma and I'm in Alabama and we don't see each other that much. The times we have, have been good. Really good, from where I've been. One, the first, in particular:

Peg and I had gone to the SBC Convention in Greensboro, 2006. In fact, at Wade's suggestion, when he said we needed "folks like me" involved in SBC matters. I happened to agree with the motion he'd made to the SBC, to deal with certain IMB issues, and thought the SBC as an entity itself should investigate it. Thought rather strongly, in fact. But when I was at the mic to speak to the issue, he spoke before me, affirming the action on the Committee on the Order of Business' referral of his motion to the IMB Trustees for study, and to report back to SBC 2007. I was surprised, as I thought it more of a watershed moment for the SBC (still do), and that referring the matter to the IMB was like referring an accusation of bullying, to the bully, to study and report. So I went ahead and spoke my peace about it.

And, by the way, nothing I have seen in SBC life since .. NOTHING .. has changed my belief that what I said was right. Please don't take that as egotistical .. God had shown me a couple things in scripture the night before, and when Wade spoke his agreement with the Committee's action, I was dumbstruck and wondered what I would say then. But in as clear a message as I've ever gotten from Him, I heard "I didn't show you what I did so you could sit down and not say it". So I did.

Later that evening, walking into the Convention Hotel, I was set upon by an IMB trustee, who said some pretty mean things about Wade. Peg, being the perceptive soul she is, high-tailed it into the hotel to pray, as she knew from his demeanor what was coming. Well, I didn't mind him so much, but then Wade walked up behind him in the middle of his tirade. When the Trustee noticed him, he stopped talking, but his demeanor did not change. And Wade was as kind and irenic and cooperative as anyone can be, with his best friend.

The courtesy was not returned, that I could see.

There have been lots of other things we've been involved in ... me peripherally, since I'm not a pastor ... and Wade's always been as good a friend as I could ask.


I'm too big a coward to take sides. I mean, God says not to, and my arms are too short to box with Him. I always figured I'd be on the wrong side, anyway, but the real, REAL compelling reason is scriptural.

The Bible tells me, in many ways, to judge not. Last Sunday's lesson even included Paul's rhetorical question to the Romans .. "Who are you to judge another man's servant?" So I will not judge either man's situation or take sides.

See .. I believe that, to have the right .. the position .. to declare judicially that someone is wrong .. guilty .. I think that's what the word means in the original .. I have to be in a position, also, to declare they are right .. innocent. And I am certainly not in a position to do that with anyone besides me.

Now I know that churches must do that in order to discipline errant members, but I'm not in that position in our church, and I'm not going to volunteer to do that where I'm not asked.

I'm not afraid to say I love both those guys. Love Wade's dad, too. And I want to keep doing that.

By the grace of God, I will. And more than anything, I know that God will bring Himself glory from all this stuff we're stumbling around doing down here.

Bet on it.

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At 6:58 PM, November 29, 2008, Blogger Ken Hearn said...

My mom always said,"you're lucky to have one REALLY good friend in your life". You are truly blessed to have two.

At 7:04 PM, November 29, 2008, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...


Indeed I am.

At 4:24 PM, November 30, 2008, Blogger foxofbama said...

Good tribute to your friend Scott here, though our SBC take and politics will differ I imagine till our dying day.
Please use what influence you have on CB to keep him away from my blog unless he wants to talk on the blog topic there.
If he wants to pursue the FOCA thing he can do it, as you have, at
With my reference to the Douthat, and religion dispatches and beliefnet blog; I have said about all I want to say for a while.
Please encourage CB to take it to since he rules his own blog and wants to make up other rules at other folks place; Baptist hereticus case in point.
Otherwise hope things are well; and glad I finally got you in the right church.
Mike Shaw is a good fellow.

At 4:33 PM, November 30, 2008, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...


Thanks ... note I also mentioned Wade, too.

I'm not out to change anyone; we're all grown-ups here. CB's email is common knowledge and he's in the phone book, too, if you want to encourage him some way or other.

I guess Mike's a pretty good guy. He's been my pastor for 27 years; I guess some of me has rubbed off...


(I need a better emoticon to designate hilarity)

At 12:36 AM, December 02, 2008, Blogger CB Scott said...


I'll tell you what. Bob and I have eaten with many people who did or did not share our views on things. Actually, Bob and I have eaten lunch and enjoyed the day when we did not share the same views on things.

So, let us get together for lunch. We can even invite John Killian. That will make some "table talk"(to borrow from Luther) don't you agree?

You name the place and time. I will make effort to get the other guys there.

What do you say?


At 11:53 AM, December 03, 2008, Anonymous Bro. Mike said...

Bob,there was one other error. Buddy Gray was never president of the SBC. He served with distinction as president of the Alabama Baptist Convention. I would vote for him if he allows himself to be nominated after Johnny Hunt's presidency is over. Just goes to prove that inerrancy only applies to scripture,and not to the saints.


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