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Thursday, October 09, 2008

SBC: Stay Out Of The Vinyl Siding Business!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Keith and Terry. They're employees of the subcontractor that my friend (and fellow churchmember and fellow prostate cancer survivor) Harry has, installing new siding on our home. Since our son isn't painting, on the side, any more, and since I'm not about to fall off tall ladders (which would be the inevitable result of my trying to paint it myself), Peg and I decided to git'er done. And, after watching these two guys work together for 3 days, and after watching what's been going on in the SBC for the past 3 years, I've decided the SBC would have to learn a lot about cooperation first, if they ever wanted to side a house.

Keith is the guy up on the ladder, and Terry is the guy on the ground listening. When Keith needs something, Terry gets the piece of siding, lays it out, cuts it to fit, and tosses it to Keith.

Their employer, Jason Darty, was an insurance client of mine for about 6 years when I was still in the insurance business. It was simply my good fortune that Jason's the sub that Harry uses to install siding.

They are a beautiful team. In fact, one of the reasons I like doing things myself is that I know I can make it look like I want it to, and frankly, they're doing a much better job than I would do. It is simply beautiful, and they've gone way beyond what I expected in making the appearance absolutely first-rate.

Their communication is near-mystical. Each knows exactly what the other needs. I am in awe. When they're putting up the tall pieces of siding, Keith's up on the top walk-board, with Terry on the board below. Terry gets the siding, stands it up tall, they both snap it in place, and Terry fastens it from the top down, and hands the stapler down to Terry to finish. Without a word. Next piece, the fasten from the bottom, up.

It's beautiful to see how they work together.

This thought is particularly prominent in my mind, since I know Monte and Janet Erwin, two of the casualties of the great "Sign the BFM" war. Knowing the Erwins' hearts, I know that their desire was precisely what the SBC had in mind, on the field, and probably moreso, as they were there and dealing with real, live people. They weren't sitting in an office, looking at numbers like the folks back at the IMB offices.

I haven't the faintest idea what Keith and Terry know about anything beyond siding; I don't know where they live, how they drive, their favorite anything. All I know is what they think about what they do, which is evident in how they do it. And that, they do better than most of the things I do.

Because I know they care very much how my house looks when they're done, I'm not much concerned about seeing them do the work (although it's really fun watching skilled people work).

Shouldn't that be the criteria with the SBC/IMB? The objective? From all accounts I've seen, they are both in some trouble. Yet they continue to tighten down this and that, like municipal health inspectors. It's like, if they don't find something wrong, people will think they're not doing their jobs.

Now, I am fully aware that we need to assure that folks representing the SBC & IMB need to be of good character, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, stuff like that mentioned in the Bible. When we add a bunch of other requirements like we've seen .. where you're baptized .. what the baptizer believed .. how you pray .. which gifts God's given you .. it tells me that we're thinking more about ourselves than we are about the General Contractor who hired us to do the job.

He paid WAY too high a price for us, for us to be doing that.

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At 12:02 PM, October 13, 2008, Blogger John Moeller said...


A few items to ponder;

You always want the joints of the siding to face away from your door and driveway, that way, when you look at it you will see a smooth line and not the joints.
You also don't want too many joints in a run to limit the breaks and possible places that wind can catch and pull the siding apart.
You have to keep the siding nails loose to give the siding flex for environmental changes and to give the siding a smooth look.
Lastly, cut it tight so you don't have gaps at the ends, under the "J" channel where wasps can get underneath your siding..

Hmm, just like SBC and the IMB I suppose; I'll allow you to make the connections....

At 12:37 PM, October 13, 2008, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...


Hmmm .. I think I have it backwards. What we really need is to nominate Jason, Keith and Terry to some SBC BoT's.


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