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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Went For Lunch; What I Had Was Church (II)

Peg fixed lunch today and, when she called me to the kitchen, this is what I sat down to. Well, most of it, anyway. As you can see, I'd already done serious damage to the Hamburger. And the Black-Eyed Peas and Okra & Tomatoes.

Hey .. gimme a break .. we live in Alabama.

But what struck me today was the plate on which the food temporarily (VERY) rested. And therein lies the tale...

The plate was originally the property of the Lebanon, Indiana, School District. When they got to a certain state of wear, they'd get new ones and give the old ones away (or toss them, if nobody wanted them). Peg's mom was a cook at the Lindbergh School in Lebanon, and took some of the rejects home. She was really poor and needed all the help she could get...

Peg, in fact, ate off just such plates as these, when she was in School in Lebanon.

That got me to thinking that the dietician .. de jur or de facto planned the menus and prepared the food, so that the kids would get a good and nutritious diet. Then the food was measured out and given to the kids on these plates. Now ... kids being kids ... I'm pretty sure that some of them were picky eaters. Finicky. Didn't eat what they didn't like. Wanted only the stuff that was tickling to their palates. Ignored what wasn't.

Sure, some .. like Peg .. had been taught to clean up their plates. That food was good but its design was to grow and nourish them, not just make their taste buds happy. So I'm sure some ate what all came their way. But I'm guessing a lot, didn't.

Some, if their school was anything like the ones I went to, even misused the food. Got into food fights. Traded the good stuff away for candy.

I've seen many a piece of chocolate cake slipped under some guy's derriere' just as he sat down, with expected, and embarrassing, results.

The plates are also interesting, in that they're divided into sections so the food can keep its identity and is easy to access. Not just a jumble that is hard to discern, but separate and discrete.

If Peg's mom was typical, the folks who prepared the food did so, with the welfare and the best interests of the kids in mind. They didn't work from their own preferences, but they put the interests of the kids first. And they really like them, too.

Some kids liked and appreciated the cooks, I'm sure. Some probably didn't.

NOW ....

We have this Heavenly Dietitian, see ..... and ....... and .....


Like I said: I had church.



At 9:08 AM, October 31, 2008, Anonymous JeraldD said...

Tell Peg she can come to my house anytime. Man, does that look good!


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