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Thursday, August 28, 2008


We call lots of things "Supreme"; a few actually are.

You can see the Supreme Court Building in the picture over to the right. And when it comes to man's law, in the USA, they are.

Sometimes, lately, I wonder if they ought to be, but nonetheless, I guess they are.

One company, maybe more, even make what they call a Supreme Pizza. I've eaten quite a few, and they're about as far as anything from being Supreme. Maybe they're the best thing they make, but Peg's frozen cheese pizza, which she brings home from Food World and doctors up here, beats the other guys' all hollow. To my tastes, to least.

A cursory look through the online yellow pages tells me of used car dealers, fish markets, auto repair shops, "beverage" companies, and car washes who refer to themselves as "supreme".

Well, I don't know about all them, but I know a few things for sure. One is this: God is Supreme. He is so far above and beyond anything else that we cannot really comprehend Him, comprehend His glory, comprehend what all He has for us, comprehend what He "looks like", or much of anything else about Him.

Of course, we can comprehend some things He's said we could. For instance, look at the heavens on a dark, clear night, sometime. He said we could understand a lot about Him by just doing that.

As an aside, the most riveting example of that, that I've ever experienced was an overnight auto trip from Pskov to St. Petersburg, in Russia. Hale-Bopp, the comet, was on display and was absolutely impossible to miss. On that trip, the sky .. in the pitch-dark of the Russian countryside, was absolutely astounding. I can only imagine what it would have looked like when Romans 1:18-20 was penned.

So, we can comprehend His existence, we can comprehend those invisible attributes, things of that sort.

Then we can comprehend enough to be saved through faith in Jesus. Not in the natural .. 1 Corinthians 2:14 says that we cannot comprehend spiritual things in our natural state. It takes some sort of awakening .. quickening ... enabling courtesy of the Holy Spirit.

Man in general would be hopeless, since we cannot tell enough about God to get saved. But we can want to know Him, so He promised us the Holy Spirit to convict us of enough to make up our minds. See John 16:7 & following, for details.

Here's where our years in the Presbyterian church help. They'll say that the Holy Spirit does His "enlightening" in the elect, where us Baptists seem to think He enlightens everybody at some time or another, and then its up to us to accept it. Personally, I don't care which way it is; we don't get to pick & choose whom we tell about Jesus, based on whether we think they'll get saved.

Jesus current position at the right hand of His Father seems to be that of King of Kings and Lord of Lords. That sounds pretty supreme to me, and He certainly is that. And it seems a logical conclusion to me that a life here on earth, which follows Jesus, obeys His commands and His teachings, dedicated to bringing glory to His name, ought to be the supreme sort of life. I mean, if you want the best and highest use of some tool or other, you follow the instructions of the guy that made the tool , so why would we expect less if we devote ourselves to following God's instructions?

Herein lies the rub.

I don't know about all the other religions, but I'm a bit familiar with the SBC in general, and with our church in specific, and something strikes me as strange.

We've all heard the numbers ... 15 or 20% of the church does 80 or 85% of the work, 30 or 35% does the rest, and half do nothing.

Ditto for giving.

5% of the membership of the typical SBC church has ever tried to lead someone to faith in Jesus.

16 1/2 million members, with 5 or 6 million actually attending.

80-some percent of our youth falling away from church when they head for college. Never to return.

Divorce statistics within the church rivaling those outside.

Thousands of members, yet difficulty finding enough people to keep the children, teach the classes, etc etc.

You get the picture. Unless I'm wrong about A) a devoted Christian life being the supreme earthly life, or B) the numbers which seem commonly accepted, then C) something's wrong with the church, that the folks who walk in the door, and down the aisle, aren't getting the message.

SO ... the real question is: WHY?

(This has gotten kind of long .. Peg says people will get too bored to finish it .. so I can now use those words I've been envious of, but have never had the chance to use, meaningfully, before now ..)

... to be continued....



At 7:27 AM, September 01, 2008, Blogger Scotte Hodel said...

Argh! No fair! Cliff hanger!

At 8:41 AM, September 01, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ugh!!...Here I sit at the feet of a wiser, OLDER man and then..."to be continued...this is as bad as Dallas leaving me all season with "Who shot JR?" HA!
Enjoy reading your blog...keep it up.

Ron Fisher


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