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Friday, July 04, 2008

I Got Your "Engage the Culture" Right Here, Pal ..... Part II

If you're not real big into identifying people by their feet, I'll give you a little clue. That's one of my grandkids over there in the picture.

If you said Matthew, I'm personally coming to get you. Which leaves my 22-year old granddaughter, Meredith.

She's the one that recently got her degree from Southeastern Bible College. She's going to be pursuing an advanced degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, taking classes at the campus of Union University in Jackson, TN., starting this fall.

NOTE: This is assuming she's admitted; she's sent all the information they require, and she's waiting to hear. Might pray about that if it crosses your mind, please.

Her goal is to go into Children's Ministry.

So ... when she stopped by the house this morning to see Peg, she showed off her latest personal acquisition, a tattoo of the fish sign, with the Greek word for "faith" in it. In Greek. She's been at First Baptist Church in Milan, TN, for the summer (her 3rd 4th .. she just corrected me...) as a Children's Ministry Assistant, and took advantage of the long holiday weekend to stop in and say hi.

I'm not a big fan of tattoos, but I suppose that's why I don't have any. And I know all the arguments about doing this or that to your body so I don't care to hear them again. But I have to ask myself if this will aid her ministry. Will kids think it's cool? Will she profit from seeing "FAITH" every time she puts on her shoes (or flipflops, sandals, gators, etc...), and is reminded that she is, indeed, walking by faith?

I think the answers are yes. But her reasons are good enough for me, anyway.

That's my idea of how it ought to be with family. And friends. And I can tell you that includes my blogging (and ex-blogging) friends, too.

Have a nice 4th.



At 7:18 PM, July 04, 2008, Blogger One Salient Oversight said...

I heard this story of a guy who was convinced that he was a "loser", so he decided to get the word tattooed on his forehead.

Unfortunately, the tattooist wasn't a great speller, and so that tattoo said "Looser".

Of course, that only made the tattoo that much more meaningful - the guy was such a loser he can't even spell it properly.


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