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Friday, June 06, 2008

Respect. LOTS & LOTS of Respect.

Peg and I drove to Upland, Indiana and visited Sr. Sheri Klouda, yesterday. We spent a delightful 3+ hours in their living room, just chatting.

I am enormously impressed, as is Peg. Dr. Klouda is a warm, personable young lady and a delight to talk to. She shared her life story with us, how she put herself through school, and lot of other history too. It's her story so I shall leave it at that, except to say how fond we are personally, of her, and how much we respect and admire her.

After all, she can have any admiration and respect I used to have for Dr. Patterson and the Trustees of SWBTS. They used to have some, but they don't, any more. Given the published reasons for her dismissal, and the quality and genuineness I saw in talking with her, those SWBTS people no longer deserve any. So, Dr. Sheri Klouda gets it all.

Even that's not enough.

Saturday Edit: The above was a quick post, as I knew we needed to get to bed last evening, and see some cousins this morning in Shelbyville before heading down to the Convention Hotel (where we are, now). So let me add this: Dr. Klouda is a terrific lady who likes to walk barefoot in the grass in her yard, which she did while she showed Peg some flowers she'd planted there. And she laughs at funny things and cries at sad ones, and is the sole support for her family (including a disabled husband and a 17-year-old daughter). She, among my acquaintances, is likely the one most dependent on God to supply her needs. There are probably not many pastors, (if any) in the SBC, who couldn't learn from her.

I know I did, and I absolutely don't care who doesn't like that.



At 8:23 PM, June 06, 2008, Blogger NativeVermonter said...

Well, she gets my respect too, although that doesn't help pay the electric bill. Try not to burn the mics up too much in Indy :)

At 1:03 AM, June 07, 2008, Anonymous Lee said...

She also has my respect, as does Taylor University, where she teaches. I'm sure quality Hebrew professors are not easy to come by.

I'm hoping we run into you and Peg in Indianapolis. We are planning to get there Monday afternoon after taking a little play time in Chicago Sunday evening.


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