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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Got Your "Engage the Culture" Right Here, Pal

Monday morning, Peg and I drove (at 50 MPG, by the way.... ) to the West side of town and visited my brother's first widow. We came back about noon and grabbed a burger at Wendy's before returning to the Pastor's Conference for the afternoon session (which we left when a preacher said that WE were responsible for the "condition of the country").

Yeah, like well people are responsible for sickness.

Anyway, the shy young lady in the picture waited on us. I snapped her picture, as a germ of an idea interrupted my non-thinking auto-pilot hamburger-buying system. Here's what came to me:

This young lady, with her precisely-colored black and blood-red hair, fits quite well into her culture. The place in which, and the people with whom, she lives. And I had to wonder whether it'd be the red bricks and white columns, or the white shirts and red ties, or the white choir robes and blue sashes, or the NIV (New International Version) vs. HCSB (Hard Core Southern Baptist) debate that would most interest her in the typical SBC church. Would most appeal to her there in her cultural setting.

Well, after I'd pondered it for a couple days, I believe I have discerned the right answer.

That answer is no. They wouldn't.

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At 11:09 PM, June 10, 2008, Blogger Alan Paul said...

I am interested in hearing more about what this pastor said that upset you so much...

At 2:39 AM, June 11, 2008, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...


Just what I mentioned .. that Christians were responsible for the condition of the USA, presumably because (I'm assuming that he thinks) we haven't been doing our jobs. I simply disagree with that and the thinking it represents, that God somehow needs us and is begging us to get to work because He does. For my part, He invites us to join Him in HIS work because He loves us and knows that's the only work that's going to bring any sort of lasting joy and fulfillment after the glitz and glamor of this life fades.

Thanks for looking in and commenting.

p.s.: there were other evidences of such (to me) provincial thinking, too.

At 9:14 AM, June 11, 2008, Blogger NativeVermonter said...

I will say that from my perspective, I cannot find as many Iron Sharpeners as in times past. It's almost like the 22 (or 32!) year old living in mama's basement. We stay where it's safe and comfortable.

So in one sense, I don't see us as being responsible for the condition of the country but being responsible for the condition of our own obedience, or lack thereof.

John in STL

At 6:14 PM, June 11, 2008, Blogger Alan Paul said...

I think we're responsible for our own actions in accordance with God's will. We can no more control a nation than we can control the person sitting or standing next to us. That being said, we have a responsibility to stand against that which God which God is against - immorality, arrogance, sin, etc. But that still doesn't make us responsible for the outcome. If no one listens to us - then we can't do anything about that.


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