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Friday, February 09, 2007


This black eye came from an encounter with an exhaust pipe, while crawling around under a car.

Others come from words and from various other actions.

Like they said .. I AM the SBC.


At 12:35 PM, February 09, 2007, Blogger Kevin Bussey said...


At 12:56 PM, February 09, 2007, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...


If that was for me, thanks.

If that was for the SBC, amen!

At 1:25 PM, February 09, 2007, Blogger David Rogers said...

Hey boy, if you just wouldn't wear that pink hat, we might not have to beat up on you so much. :-)

At 2:08 PM, February 09, 2007, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...


Yah, that & the fact that my real first name's Sue.

At 8:57 AM, February 10, 2007, Blogger CB Scott said...

Wish I had been there for you, buddy.


At 9:21 AM, February 10, 2007, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...

CB: Me too, but then my car would have a black eye and would probably refuse to run.

At 9:23 AM, February 12, 2007, Blogger CharlieMac said...

Bob, great post! A black eye representing the SBC encounter with a device that emits unneeded spent hot air! It even fits either side of the discussion depending upon one's personal stance or interpretation. Have you been learning from or talking to Jerry Grace on how to do really good satire? Enough truth included to make thinking people think!
Mac McFatter
Lower Alabama (LA)

At 10:00 AM, February 12, 2007, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...


Indeed. No, to the lessons ... it comes natural (I was a younger brother of a sarcastic older brother).

And, further about that spent hot air. First it warms. Later, it burns.

Also, being an old carguy, the first whiff of exhaust always smells good. Brings back lots of memories of my teenage years, how things used to be, etc. But then, if you breathe enough of it .. so that it's the majority of what you take in ... you DIE.

In the field of modern automobile engines, they are formed of a number of independent but inter-related cylinders. In a sort of cooperative engine. The most power is usually produced when each cylinder has its own intake, and the exhaust is "tuned" with EQUAL-length pipes to help extract the spent air. But in the biggest racing engines, each has its own exhaust.

Powerboat racing has an ominous parallel. They used to race 12-cylinder Allison aircraft engines with individual exhausts, but now they all use single turbine engines with one intake and one exhaust. And it's the exhaust that drives the boat.

I was lucky to escape with a black eye. I could've been asphyxiated.

I'll leave further analogies to you and other readers, if any.

At 2:36 PM, February 12, 2007, Blogger Charles said...

Good heavens! Did the convention get moved to February!??!

At 2:47 PM, February 12, 2007, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...


Almost. I went to a gang rumble and they went into Executive Session.

Thanks. You made my day.

At 10:15 AM, February 15, 2007, Blogger SelahV said...

Hey Bob, I left a question over on Tim Guthrie's site regarding tongues. If you get a minute could you respond? I'd appreciate your input. I would have emailed you but couldn't find an email address on your profile. I may be blind or it may be that I haven't had enough coffee this a.m. Thanks, selahV

At 5:20 PM, February 16, 2007, Blogger Kevin Stilley said...

You now have side by side pictures of your left profile and your right profile. I'm trying real hard to determine which is your "good side." I'm trying real hard... Hey, do you have a picture of the back of your head? ;)

At 9:31 PM, February 16, 2007, Blogger volfan007 said...


it was really a joy to meet you in jackson at the conference. my only disappointment was that you didnt have the pink hat on.


At 10:14 PM, February 17, 2007, Blogger Bob Cleveland said...

Selah: I didn't see a question to answer at Tim's place.

Email me ... mighty(at)charter(dot)net

Kevin: Yes but it was fuzzy as I had to take it with the back of my camera, and the lens is on the front.

David: I was sure glad to meet you. Of course at my age I am glad to meet anybody. I'll let you know when my granddaughter goes back to Milan next summer. You could meet her if you're down that way. She's a real delight.


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