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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What Do I Do Next?

OK .. I have a blog. Now what? What am I supposed to say here?

I guess I should say I'm a born-again believer who has been known on the internet as MightyFowl for many years. That comes from Isaiah 40:31; all I could think of to go with that was Mighty Fowl, or Sturdy Birdy.

I think the current controversies in the Southern Baptist Convention are the most exciting things I've seen, in the spiritual realm, in a long time. At last, via the format of blogging, the feelings, opinions, and concerns of the masses are being heard. Guys like you and me can have our say, in a format that the "power structure" (if there is such a thing) cannot ignore. I applaud that.

Kind of reminds me of Biblical times when the band was small and strong and they couldn't ignore each other.

We'll see what develops.

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