Thursday, May 25, 2006


I'm not sure how aware the SBC is about changes in our society ... indeed the world's society ... and how they effect the climate in which they operate.

Years ago, communication was limited at the national level, to that which filtered up through the Convention hierarchy. Ostensibly, that would have come through Pastors and other church representatives on the occasions of their meetings.

Email and (most pointedly) Blogs have changed that. Now, we rank & file folks can have a broad-based discussion about, and awareness of, the issues. Everyone can have a say. Partially (IMO) owing to the BoT's reaction to Bro. Wade Burleson's Blog, they are now getting more attention than ever before. Gone seem to be the days when the folks around the country didn't look beyond the local church, as are the days when all we knew was what our Pastors reported back to us.

I don't know whether the SBC, the IMB, or the BoT ever thought of using the Wonderful World of Blogging to share information with us common folks, which seems like it might have been a good idea. But, that didn't happen.

It's nice to have spent some years in Presbyterian denominations. It's easy to see, with that background, that God is behind the current turmoil. IMO, He is either going to purge the problems that have been going on unnoticed, or He'll harden the hearts of leadership (check the Genesis account of Pharaoh for a precedent) and history will continue unchanged.

If that happens, I expect a Pharaoh-type outcome. I'd rather that not happen. But the choice is up to what we might refer to as the "power structure".

It's going to be interesting.

God bless.



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